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Single Dad and Dog Training

The Duck Family Rally

Gone In 60 Ducklings

I Wanna Be Dave Barry!

Death to Chuck E.

Ducklings and Politics

Misterduck's Wild Ride - 6 States in 12 Days!

The Mad Mower!

Ask Dr. Bullfeathers!

Top Ten Signs That You Have Been On A Driving Vacation for Too Long

Ozzy, The Worlds Most Stupidest Dog

Yak break!

The Ducks Get a Christmas Tree!

Duck Gets a Massage!

Yak Break, Part 2

Madness with Ducklings!

Spot, The EVIL Cat from Hell!

Duck has his 21st Birthday

A Spring Day at The Duck House

Christmas at The Duck House!

The Ducklings make a discovery!

Are we not Ducks?

Duckling2 learns a new word!

The Duck Family Gets a Family Picture

Disgruntled Computer Technician as Clint Eastwood

Update, April 9, 2004!: Happy Birthday to me! Duck makes music this month! Listen here.

You're wondering what the heck you're doing here and why is there some idiot calling himself "MisterDuck"?
Simple. I can't call myself "MrsDuck" because I'm a guy and I'm not MrsDuck. I can't call myself DoctorDuck, because that would be illegal in some states. Can't use "CaptainDuck" as I don't have a boat, either. Nope, they just call me MisterDuck. Who am I? Just a family-type guy that has a normal life just like everybody else but I've decided to put stuff on the web that might sound interesting to you. Stories, anecdotes, and other silly crap.

So why are you here?:
I've got some stories to tell. And they are just that, stories. Mind you, this stuff is all fiction. That is, if any of this stuff was REAL, I'd probably be fired, divorced, arrested, reported to the SPCA, HHS, PETA, Greenpeace, the NRA, the FBI, the CIA, and declared an enemy combatant by John Ashkroft!!! About the only things that are real in these stories is that I'm married (still), have two children, a dog, a cat, a Pontiac AztekEEEEEK!!!  IT'S an AZTEK!!!!!! , and I like Hormel SPAM!YUM!  ITS SPAM

And if Hormel foods or General Motors happens to catch these images on my website, fine, SUE ME! The added attention will bring more people here to view this crap!

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