The Ducklings Make a Discovery



The Ducklings are playing in the living room, just outside the Duck family's master bedroom. Duckling1 sees something on the floor:...

Duckling1: Wook!
Duckling2: COW?
D1: Wat's dat on the fwoor?
D2: Cow. Paper?
D1: Wooks wike a candy wapper. What kind of candy?
D2: Dunno cow...<shakes head "no">
D1: Wook, there's wetters on the wapper: T-R-O-...hmm...J-A-N!. Too-wo-jan. Don't sound wike candy.
D2: COW?
D1: Hmmm...stinks. Don't smell wike candy, eeder!
D2: No cow?
D1: I saw dis on the fwoor wast night when I got a dwink of water. But I saw Daddy and Mommy doing something....naked!
D2: COW?!?!?! Nakey?
D1: Yeah. Daddy said he was "gonna put on something" and went to da baff-room, but when he came out he was still naked!
D2: <...pause...> COW?
D1: I think Mommy sounded hurt, then she sounded wike she was going to church!
D2: Church COW?
D1: Yeah, Mommy said, "Oh GOD! Oh GOD!". Didn't look like she was pwaying. Wooked wike westling! Daddy won, I think....
D2: COW!
D1: Wet's go ask Daddy if dis is candy and if we can have some too!




Copyright 2003